Ruba Abu Zughod

Senior Communications Officer

Ruba joined Generations For Peace in April 2022 as currently serves as a Communications Officer.  

In her position, she is responsible for crafting proactive, innovative, and compelling Arabic communications and quality content to enhance knowledge sharing and increase engagement with GFP’s stakeholders. Disseminated through multiple channels, the enriching, inspiring stories that Ruba creates are used to support positive behavioral change, reaching different target audience segments. In her position, Ruba works closely with various departments at GFP. She contributes to developing their communications to ensure that their main messages are delivered and disseminated effectively among stakeholders, which consecutively helps achieve the strategic objectives of each department.  

Ruba is a Jordanian national holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied English from the University of Jordan. Stemming from her belief in the power of words, Ruba joined the content creation world in 2011. Working at renowned marketing, communications, and advertising agencies since 2015, Ruba served as a Senior Copywriter for almost seven years. In addition to a passion for creative writing, Ruba has also built solid skillset in developing outreach plans and setting messaging and tone of voice based on clients’ business schemes and target audiences; reviewing owned and paid media channels; as well as assisting in creating action plans that ensure the right message is effectively tailored for each recipient and disseminated in a timely manner.   

Ruba had the opportunity to create 360-degree communications and marketing materials for country-wide events for the likes of WEF MENA (2017), Amman Design Week, and Jordan Food Week, the annual EY Jordan Entrepreneur of the Year Program (2016-2019).  

Ruba is also a volunteer Communications Committee Member at Atfaluna – a local non-profit organization that provides medical care for underprivileged children – where she seeks to leave a lasting impact on the lives of younger generations.   

Outside work, Ruba likes to spend time with her nieces and nephews. She also plays oud, reads, and meditates in her free time.