Safiya Ibn Garba

Director of Institutional Learning

Safiya Ibn Garba is the Director of Institutional Learning at Generations For Peace, a role which she took on after serving as the organisation’s Programmes Manager and Lead Facilitator.

She has been through the full circle of the Generations For Peace certification process from being a Delegate in 2008 to becoming a Pioneer and Facilitator with Generations For Peace.

During and after school, Safiya spent many years working in faith-based development work and is particularly passionate about girls and women’s empowerment. Early in 2008, Safiya founded a Non-Governmental Organisation in her home country Nigeria that provides multi-sectoral interventions for girls and women’s empowerment through information dissemination, capacity building, advocacy and cross-cutting community service projects.

Safiya has worked in and led coalitions of Civil Society Organisations on gender and good governance and served as a member of the Civil Society Liaison Office (CSOLO) Advisory Committee at the Nigerian National Assembly (NASS), Nigeria’s highest law-making body.

She has completed studies and practice in computer science, project management, community development, advocacy, child protection, gender, pastoral education and chaplaincy, events management, learning and facilitation.

Safiya is a member of the International Society of Female Professionals, International Association of Facilitators and is a Doctoral student with the UN-mandated University of Peace in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Safiya loves to read, watch movies, dance, and sing.