Sairah Yusuf

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Sairah joined Generations For Peace as a Summer Field Research Intern from the University of Oxford in 2012, and took on a full-time staff position in June 2013. Having worked with GFP for four years in research, monitoring and evaluation, Sairah transitioned to the part-time role of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in April 2017.

Thematically, Sairah is interested in sustainable and measurable processes of change in community-based programming, and her work focuses on assessing the impact of GFP’s activities in different countries. Sairah’s current areas of focus, in addition to South Asia, include evaluating an EU-funded programme in Lebanon and working with the US State Department and the United States Institute of Peace on a project aimed at preventing radicalisation in Tunisia.

Sairah completed her undergraduate degree at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), in Lahore, Pakistan, and spent a year working in the development sector in Pakistan, focusing on government restructuring and institutional development. After this, she was awarded the Noon Scholarship for the MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) at the University of Oxford, where her research centred on informal institutions and state building in South Asia.

Before joining GFP full-time, Sairah spent a year conducting research on the impact of GFP programmes in Kaduna, Nigeria. At GFP, Sairah’s work focused on the research and development of participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes for local volunteers; identifying and deploying new technologies such as mobile data collection for M&E; creating and implementing M&E components of grants for major donors; and facilitating GFP’s curriculum at international trainings.

In her spare time, Sairah enjoys travelling whenever and wherever possible, and has a particular weakness for novel forms of transport and perfectly grilled kebab.