Wael Rashed

Programmes Officer

Wael joined Generations for Peace (GFP) in September 2023 as a Programmes Officer. His responsibilities include overseeing programme implementation with a focus on international programmes executed in Jordan and abroad. 

In this role, Wael takes on the responsibility of managing communications with donors, executing programme activities, and ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality reports. Additionally, he closely collaborates with GFP’s Research Institute to support the dissemination and application of evidence-based research results. Wael also collaborates with the Programmes and Capacity Building departments to enhance the role of donors, promote the impact of effective partnerships, and facilitate the application of innovative methodologies. 

Wael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Al-Isra University, with a focus on project management. His academic focus was directed towards exploring innovative methods and ideas for problem-solving. He is passionately dedicated to creating new innovative methodologies that enable individuals to adapt to the rapidly changing aspects of life. 

Throughout his professional career in project management, Wael implemented social innovation strategies within the local community. He played a crucial role in establishing five social innovation incubators across Jordan. These projects aimed to change mindsets, empower youth to effectively address personal and societal challenges, and promote innovative ideas that positively impact communities. Additionally, he contributed to the development of training materials for various programmes, leading the research focusing on the impact of roles and policy instructions on host communities and refugees. 

Wael holds a Project Management certificate from the AMIDEAST Institute, in addition to various courses related to peace, child protection, early childhood development, social innovation, and small project management. 

In his free time, Wael enjoys reading, sports, traveling, culinary experiences, and driving.