Waleed Alharreim

Senior Programmes Officer- Capacity and Programmes Development


Waleed joined Generations For Peace in February/2022 as a Technical Master Facilitator. In his role, he supports in developing and managing training work plans in collaboration with the Skills Building Specialist and Programmes Department and supports in mentoring and guiding all assigned programme’s implementation trainers and volunteers in their capacity building and development. Waleed also supports the implementation of the assigned programmes by building the capacity of the implementation team within the different thematic clusters. He is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the conducted training and supports in conducting regular quality assurance field visits in coordination with the Skills Building Specialist.

Waleed earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media from Petra University. He has extensive prior experience in the development sectors, which include working as a Co-Facilitator and Curriculum Developer with GFP, Project Manager with Drabzeen Human Development and as a Youth and Engagement Specialist with the Middle East Children Institute. He has also served as a Consultant with the British Council – Syria and as a Senior Project Coordinator with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development.

Waleed is passionate about working with youth and has created two safe spaces for youth in Zarqa and Sahab. He maintains a strong network with more than 100 CBOs and youth organisations, as he was responsible for overseeing the first coalition of youth organisations in Jordan in partnership with UNESCO.

Waleed loves to sing, although he claims to have the worst voice ever. In his spare time, Waleed enjoys reading, cooking, and listening to music.