Yafa Alshayeb

Programmes Assistant 

Yafa joined Generations For Peace (GFP) in November 2022 as Lazord’s fellow Programmes Coordinator and currently works as a Programmes Assistant. 

Yafa works closely with the Programmes and Capacity Building departments. She supports the implementation of programmes through budgeting and annual planning, designs programmes and curricula, aids in monitoring and evaluation, and maintains communications with partners and volunteers. Yafa also provides logistical support and conducts field visits. 

Yafa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Zarqa University. Before joining GFP, she worked as Programmes Coordinator at No Borders For Training and Human Resources, where she assisted in organising and implementing youth camps. She also contributed to organising the Political Participation youth camps held by King Abdullah II Fund For Development. 

Yafa has experience as a coordinator in training workshops focused on political participation and social democratic principles for women and youth. Additionally, she took on the role of Programme Manager at establishing Women’s Federation for World Peace branch in Al-Zarqa governate. In that position, she worked on various educational programmes for children and school dropouts. She also represented the organisation in conferences outside Jordan as a peace ambassador for youth and women. Furthermore, Yafa participated in various European Union (EU) programmes such as Erasmus and Erasmus Plus. She volunteered for a full year in Romania in two programmes: the first involved working in the media team for fundraising campaigns, and the second as an assistant to trainers within autism centres. 

Yafa is a graduate of the Third Academy for Train The Trainer (TTT) in 2022, specialising in leadership and political participation. 

During her free time, Yafa enjoys new experiences. She has a deep love for travel and exploring diverse cultures. Yafa is passionate about drawing and handcrafts; she particularly enjoys creating candles, accessories, and engaging in recycling activities. Recently, Yafa embarked on a new venture, starting a side business dedicated to crafting handmade items.