There were plenty of informative sessions, great interactions and mini drama productions to keep everyone busy today. Leading on from the previous day’s sessions, the Delegates identified a possible cause of conflict within their communities. Using the four dimensions of conflict (personal, relational, structural and cultural) the groups explored forces, which might aid in transforming the issue, and also those that could have a negative influence.

The Theory of Change was next on the list, and addressing the if, then and because process, our Delegates discussed target groups, beneficiary communities, and the steps involved in ensuring positive change.

A brief coffee break and a group photo were next, and then it was back to the conference centre for more group work.

Strategies for inclusion was an insightful session. Our Pioneer Facilitator, Safiya, asked the Delegates to “consider how they could provide access and opportunities to all of their participants, for all of their programmes”. They looked at important factors such as: ensuring balance, explaining the importance and impact, and gender mainstreaming. The group also took part in an interesting activity called “walk a mile”. This required the Delegates to consider the barriers that might prevent someone from participating in peace building activities, and how those issues could be addressed.

Art For Peace sessions followed lunch, providing our talented Delegates with a chance to showcase their brilliant creativity and wonderful acting skills, to the delight of the whole room. They were asked to interpret, and act out various various themes such as: reflection, harassment and diversity. This interactive session proved to be a fantastic way to end the day!

We can’t wait for tomorrow!