By Edward Beswick, Research Coordinator, Generations For Peace Institute

For today’s blog post I wanted to find out a little bit more about the Pioneers and the countries they are from. The diversity of cultures present at Advanced Training has certainly been a highlight for me. So I decided to ask some more questions about the countries participants are from, the foods they love, and the places that are special to them.

From Kaduna to Kigali, Kumasi to Kathmandu – let’s find out a little more about the Humans of GFP.

What is the best food from your country?
Beans and Ugali (maise flour dish). It’s easy to make and very tasty.
– Dominique Ntawangundi, Rwanda

If I had one hour in your country, how should I spend it?
You should go to Taman Mini (Indonesia miniature park). There you can experience the whole of Indonesia in one place.
 Fauzia Nayoan, Indonesia

What is your favourite place in your country?
 Aqaba (on the Red Sea Coast), I like the water, the climate and it’s quiet. I like to sit in front of the sea and watch nature.
 Rawan Almuhiesen, Jordan

What’s a famous landmark in your country?
Aso rock (a 400 metre high rock outside Abuja, the Nigerian capital). It has the features of a face – with eyes, a nose and a mouth. It looks as if it is crying.
 Eric John, Nigeria

Tell me a phrase from your country?
‘One nation, one country’
 Tharmeswaran Mahalinghasm, Sri Lanka

What’s the most beautiful place in your country?
My city, Kumasi – for me I consider beauty as somewhere that is clean. Kumasi is called the garden city. You can see a lot of beautiful trees and flowers there.
 Muftawau Ladan, Ghana

I hope you have enjoyed finding out some more about the places participants are from and what is special to them. Tomorrow, in the final Advanced Training 2014 post, I will be asking people what they have learnt from this experience and what they will take back to their communities.

Thanks for reading!