Generations For Peace focuses on “empowering local volunteers to lead change in their communities”. As such it was only fitting that the afternoon session emphasised the topics of cascading and mentoring to our Delegates.

Pioneer Facilitator, Salwa Abdel Wahed, began the session by asking the Delegates to think about their plans post-Camp. During this discussion, Salwa stressed the fact that ongoing support would be provided to the Delegates when planning and executing their programmes at home. However, according to her, before doing this the Delegates need to consider The Three Rs (Recruit, Retain & Recognise) which represent the “key elements for effective cascading and mentoring”.

Salwa continued with an open discussion on how they would approach The Three Rs, and explored their understanding of what the terms actually imply. This session afforded the Delegates the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, thus broadening their initial views on the subjects. During this reflection the group acknowledged the importance of empowering volunteers, meeting their needs, and ensuring communication remains clear at all times.

This session proved to be very thought provoking, and it raised many practical questions and subsequent issues that the Delegates will need to consider in the near future.


Delegates engaged in the group discussion!