In Generations For Peace, the term “dialogue” is used in its original meaning as a specific form of conversation. The word “dialogue” originates from the Greek words “dia” meaning through, and “logos” meaning words. Socrates and his pupil Plato developed dialogue as a method for conversing to gain insight into the truth about oneself and about the world. In other words, dialogue is a process for creating  new understanding and new knowledge. It is about shared learning.

What makes Dialogue For Peace a vehicle of peace building is that verbal exchanges among individuals – though not guided in a pre-determined direction – are aimed at conflict transformation. For Generations For Peace, Dialogue For Peace refers to the creation of a safe space for honest exchange, and facilitation to ensure security, but without guiding the conversation.

Today’s Dialogue For Peace Session emphasised the difference between dialogue and debate through a short skit. And concluded with a task in which the Delegates were given a scenario based on which they had to facilitate transformative dialogue amongst themselves.

Our Macedonian Delegates showing their national pride after an intensive Dialogue For Peace session