The Jordan Times -24 August 2020- In celebration of International Youth Day (IYD), UNFPA-Jordan has hosted a virtual musical concert titled “Let the Music Speak”.

The concert was held in partnership with the Higher Population Council (HPC), the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), Institute for Family Health (IFH), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Generations for Peace, Questscope, Y-PEER Network and UN @75 volunteers, according to a UNFPA statement.

In her welcoming speech, UNFPA-Jordan  Director Enshrah Ahmad said: “Whatever efforts that are directed towards youth will be incomplete if they were not part of it.”

“We cannot disengage the youth if we want to achieve our strategic Three Zeros goals before 2030: Zero preventable maternal deaths, zero unmet needs for family planning and zero gender-based violence and harmful practices. Therefore, it is essential to engage youth to accelerate the achievement of these three goals”, the statement quoted her as saying.

Secretary General of the HPC Abla Amawi said: “The Higher Population Council will continue supporting young people, and since the theme for the celebration is “Participation” I would like to engage young people from all groups including young persons with disabilities, refugees and less fortunate youth, so we don’t leave anyone behind”.

Ibrahim Aqel from the IFH said: “On IYD, we have a message and a pledge; the message is that we provide full access to youth on information and services on sexual and reproductive health. While our pledge is to engage the youth throughout the planning, implementation and campaign processes.”

Director General of the RHAS Hanin Odeh said: “We believe that youth are a fundamental force for any developmental work, as they are the ones capable of development and driving change. More than half of our staff members are youth who plan and implement programmes that target adolescents and youth alike, in order to deliver the right health information and preventive services.”

Youth Programme Associate at UNFPA-Jordan Sanad Nowar said: “The secret to IYD success is in the youth who volunteer, especially in these difficult times. Since this year’s theme is “Youth Participation” on all levels, and since Jordan is approaching new parliamentary elections, this should be a great opportunity to take part and choose carefully who will represent us.”

The musical concert hosted two youth bands; Guitanai and Bokra whose selection of songs were youth-centred, according to the statement.

The event also showcased youth talents and initiatives that work with UNFPA.