“We are The World, We Are The Children” – Georgia

In March 2013, Generations For Peace Delegates from Georgia embarked on a programme, which endeavoured to help youth who have suffered from domestic abuse and violence. This programme was made possible through partnerships with SOS Children’s Village, where the participants currently live, and Round Table Old Tbilisi, a local community service club.

During the first cycle of the Sport for Peace Programme for Youth (SPPY), which ended in July 2013, the Delegates facilitated sessions on subjects such as Conflict Analysis, Peace Building, Conflict Transformation, Planning, and Leadership Skills.

The sport based activities covered topics including the following: cooperation, trust, responsibility, inclusion, acceptance and respect. During debriefs the Delegates encouraged the participants to discuss the sessions, and to also consider how they could use their new skills in the future.

The second cycle of the programme, which began in December 2013 and will finish in March 2014, includes an additional 20 participants from public schools. The objective of their attendance is to encourage integration between the original 20 participants, who took part in the earlier sessions, and youth from outside the programme. Furthermore, new partners such as Tbilisi Public School and Tbilisi State University, currently provide the programme with educational and sport venues.

According to GFP Pioneer Tornike Chargeishvili, the participants’ social skills and self-confidence are noticeably increasing day by day, helping them to build new friendships.

We look forward to sharing more news from our Georgian Delegates in the near future. Keep up the great work!

Note: This video was produced and edited by the Media Team at Generations For Peace Georgia: Giorgi Metskhvariashvili, Rezo Chanishvili, Mate Dvalishvili, Nika Khubua – with the support of Tamo Nasidze and Tornike Chargeishvili.