Last night the Generations For Peace Delegates were granted the amazing opportunity to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Winter Games! Attendance at this inspiring event served to showcase the unity that is achievable through sport, and motivate our Delegates to remain passionate and enthusiastic in the days to come.


Our GFP Staff members at the Opening Ceremony

So it begins…

This morning we kicked off the 10th Generations For Peace international camp – Sochi Camp 2014.

The day’s sessions included an outline of the GFP Approach, the core skills required of a GFP volunteer, and a team building activity in which the Delegates were asked to consider the concept of “community”. An important element emphasised today, was the Pioneer Incentive Programme. The Pioneer Incentive Programme has four distinct phases.

Volunteers Selection: During this phase volunteers are selected to attend a Generations For Peace Training (internationally or locally).

Trainings: Upon their arrival at the training, the new Delegates are equipped with the skills needed to carry out successful GFP programmes.

Programme Implementation: Post-Camp, Delegates are mentored by staff at Headquarters, and expected to successfully implement a GFP Programme. Conducting GFP Events, Trainings and Ongoing Activities will ideally lead to their certification as a Generations For Peace Pioneer.

Pioneer Incentive Approach: Once Delegates are certified as Pioneers, GFP provides incentives to motivate them to stay active, improve their skills, and remain engaged with Generations For Peace. These incentives include GFP awards, scholarship and research grants, and internship opportunities.

Our Sochi Camp 2014 Delegates are currently in Phase Two of the Pioneer Incentive Programme!

The day was a success! In addition to informative content and eager Delegates, we had guest appearances from the President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Mr Tsunekazu Takeda, Mr Chungwon Choue, President of the World Taekwondo Federation, Ms Ruzanna Barsegyan, Head of Culture Department, Sochi City Administration, and Mr Alexander Bryantsev, Chief Knowledge Officer, Sochi 2014 Organising Committee.


Pioneer Facilitator Safiya Ibn Garba facilitating about cascading