Frosina Kiprijanovska, Republic of North Macedonia

Frosina Kiprijanovska joined GFP as a volunteer in 2012. The programmes she helps run and facilitate in Skopje and the surrounding regions target children and youth, using Sport and Art to engage with them and build bonds that did not exist prior to the introduction of the activities.

Frosina sees herself as an eternal student, and carries this mentality with her into her programmes. Over her time with GFP, she has been a part of numerous Sport For Peace sessions and community initiatives, taking feedback from each and using it to enhance activities and programming to impact youth going forward. She always tells others that they should start their volunteering journey with something that looks both challenging and great – something they would still like to try even though they might fail, because through failure or challenges we learn. The participants of the programmes she runs have benefitted immensely from this outlook.

GFP led Frosina to the realisation that she wants to contribute to educating children and young people by being more than a friend, role model, or facilitator: she wants to become a teacher. Even as she pursues this passion, she is excited to continue volunteering with GFPP, working with children and youth to build peace in her community.

I always felt good for choosing GFP to be part of my volunteering experience. Being able to work with children and youth changed my life to better and pushed me to another direction in life wanting to educate others. I still believe in making small and significant changes every day.

Frosina Kiprijanovska

Republic of Macedonia