Keti Murusidze, Republic of Georgia

Keti has been volunteering with GFP since 2012, leading programmes in and around Tbilisi aiming to build trust and acceptance among youth from different religious or ethnic backgrounds, as well as empowering children who have suffered from domestic abuse and violence.

Volunteering at GFP has defined her interest in peace building. Besides her work in running local activities, she has gained extensive experience working on conflict transformation projects at international level while co-facilitating the Conflict Transformation Programme organized by Pan-African Peace Network in Harare, Zimbabwe. Later, through the ifa’s CrossCulture Internships Programme, she worked at a German organisation, CRISP – Conflict Simulation, where she co-facilitated series of trainings with unaccompanied minor refugees in Berlin.

Keti was instrumental as a founding member in establishing Generations For Peace Georgia as a locally registered non-governmental organisation in 2015. Since then, she is a Chair of Board of Directors at Generations For Peace – Georgia.

I believe people in communities engaged in protracted conflicts have the best understanding of the importance of peace. Still, taking action is difficult when you feel too small to make a difference. Generations For Peace has played a critical role in changing my attitudes towards conflict and peace building: I have gained the confidence to make important changes in my own community, helping me to empower others to contribute to the peaceful development of our society.

Keti Murusidze

Republic of Georgia