Mohammad Al Badarneh, Jordan

Mohammad Al Badarneh joined GFP as a volunteer in 2016. As a school teacher in Jordan, he worked daily with students facing challenges and the training allowed him to see even deeper potential in them to transform such conflicts in their own communities.

After attending a GFP training that opened his eyes to the value of youth-led peace building, Mohammad took the skills he had learned back to the classroom and began applying the ideas there. He soon saw students from different backgrounds participating and engaging with one another in ways they never had before. Consistent results like these have inspired him to continue on his journey with GFP. Mohammad now sees the impact in the classroom has extended to reach the parents and families at home and throughout the local communities.

The more time Mohammad has spent volunteering with Generations For Peace, the more he has come to recognise just how far-reaching the impacts of his actions and those of programme can be. He aspires to continue expanding the scope of his influence, deepening his relationships with and empowering those in his own community.

Generations For Peace has helped me develop my capacities and personality in all aspects. After seeing the impact of the programmes on students, and how the violence has decreased in my own school, I am committed to being an active member of the society, helping to prevent violence, and spreading peace-building awareness as far as I can.

Mohammad Al Badarneh