Naa Adei Boateng, Ghana

Naa Adei Boateng has volunteered with GFP since 2008, when she attended a training in Amman that prepared her to lead programmes in Accra and the surrounding region. The GFP Sport For Peace Programmes run by Naa create a deeper sense unity for children and youth that participate in in their communities and schools.

Naa is a dedicated and passionate peace builder, with over eight years of experience in advocacy. She currently serves as the Country Director for Youngstars Development Initiative – a youth-focused NGO with the sole objective of empowering the next generations of leaders – and earlier spent five years as a journalist, which prepared her to be an effective communicator and compelling story teller. Her work focuses on brightening the corner from where you are: beginning with your community and expanding from there.

Her interest and passion is to create channels to consolidate democracy at all levels on the African continent, creating the means for cross-cultural and international understanding between different people and developing the African personality.

Each one of us is entail to his or her own opinion and together we must respect one another. With tolerance and respect for one another’s opinion, we will be and continue to see the change we are yearning for.

Naa Adei Boateng