Zainab Nankya, Uganda

Zainab Nankya joined GFP as a volunteer in 2008, when the Uganda Olympic Committee selected her to represent Uganda in the peace camp held in Amman. The camp focused on usage of Sport as a tool to promote peace. Since then, her interest for peace building sky-rocketed.

Zainab and her team of GFP volunteers in Uganda have focused on programmes that address inter-religious conflict among the youth in Eastern Ugandan towns such as Soroti. She has worked directly with 100 youth from four different religious denominations: Muslim, Catholic, Anglican, and Pentecostal, all of whom have been brought together for Sports for Peace programmes over the course of the last few years. These programmes target youth, affecting the friends of participants as well as other members of the community, such as parents, other youth, political leaders, and more.

As a Lead Pioneer for Ugandan programmes, Zainab is responsible for coordinating the GFP programmes in the country among a group of 13 trained GFP volunteers. She also works in a Ugandan educational institute.

With the enriched GFP programming framework, I have been exposed to various experiences which have led to professional growth in a way and got a deeper insight of peace building, the different approaches to building peace hence appreciated and grown as a volunteer, of course with determination, patience and resilience

Zainab Nankya