Zimbabwe Field Research Visit continued…

What do the target group members of the Sport For Peace Programmes for Youth, and Sport For Peace Programmes for Children in Zimbabwe have to say about GFP programming? Watch the video to find out.

Generations For Peace understands that in order to successfully carry out programmes in 50 countries and territories, it must actively monitor and continuously reevaluate these programmes. The organisation realises that it is not enough to train Delegates and have them execute Generations For Peace programming; rather, constant mentoring by the staff at HQ in Amman is crucial to ensure that programmes are in line with the Generations For Peace mission, and that the Delegates and Pioneers on the ground are receiving the support they need to succeed.

In addition to recognising the Delegates and Pioneers who are contributing their time and effort to making change with GFP, one of the most rewarding experiences for HQ staff who make field visits is the opportunity to interact with programme participants. To this end, Safiya Ibn Garba, the staff member responsible for mentoring the Zimbabwe volunteers, said, “It is rewarding to hear participants express the changes they are going through as a result of GFP programming. Knowing that all the time and effort we at HQ, and our volunteers on the ground, spend is actually effecting change in someone’s life. Knowing that all that is put in is actually leading to something tangible on the ground.”

Thank you to our GFP volunteers in Zimbabwe for your constant hard work and dedication. Please enjoy this video depicting the change you are making!

Happy International Volunteers Day!