A journey of Thiqa [trust] between Al-Karak & Al-Salt youth and municipal officials

The Thiqa [trust] programme, launched in 2024, aims to bridge the aspirations, challenges, and hopes of young people with the responsibilities, challenges, and ambitions of government officials. The programme brings together 30 youth and municipal officials from the cities of Al-Karak and Al-Salt, creating a space for dialogue and interaction to build trust bridges and increase youth participation in decision-making and addressing community priorities. 

Over the course of seven months, the team focuses on developing transformative dialogue skills among both youth and officials. Workshops and follow-up sessions cover dialogue techniques, policy analysis, and action plans formulation, enabling participants to identify community priorities, establish constructive communication channels, identify supportive local partners, and ultimately develop youth-led action plans. 

By the end of the programme, youth participants will present the action plan, developed in collaboration with the Generations for Peace Institute (GFPI) containing actionable recommendations for their cities. 

Generations For Peace (GFP) implements the Thiqa Programme with support from Netherlands -based Porticus.  

Transformative Dialogue Sessions – January 2024 

The youth from Al-Karak and Al-Salt commenced their Thiqa journey by participating in two separate five-day training sessions at the GFP headquarters, alongside representatives from the Greater Al-Karak and Al-Salt Municipalities. Throughout the training, participants engaged in simulated transformative dialogue sessions and gained insights into the fundamentals of policy analysis, enhancing their capacities to develop a youth-led action plan. 

100 Cups of Coffee – February 2024 

A cup of coffee, boundless dialogue! Through the 100 Cups of Coffee dialogue sessions,  the youth from Al-Salt and Al-Karak, alongside officials from both municipalities, were divided into separate work groups. The youth discussed priorities and challenges facing their communities from a youthful perspective, while officials deliberated on what they see as priorities from a governmental standpoint. Additionally, more transformative dialogue sessions took place in Al-Salt and Al-Karak municipalities to formulate the youth-led action plan. 

Action Plan Writing Sessions – February to August 2024  

Through bi-weekly Zoom sessions, GFPI enables Thiqa young participants to identifiy local development priorities close to their hearts, and delve deep into policy analysis and research to better understand these issues and formulate effective approaches. The sessions which began in February and will continue until the end of August also enhance their ability to craft smart, actionable plans. culminating in the final draft of their action plan. 

Facebook Content Analysis – March 2024  

Prior to the official launch of the Thiqa Programme, the GFPI initiated a study analysing the Facebook pages of the Al-Karak and Al-Salt municipalities. The aim was to assess and enhance their current communication strategies to foster trust. The analysis focused on reviewing selected posts, evaluating trust-building communication elements, mainly, credibility, transparency, responsiveness, language and tone, and engagement. Additionally, it examined expressions of trust or distrust in the public’s interactions and comments on these posts. Completed in March, the findings were subsequently shared with municipal officials to inform and enhance their communication efforts.

Digital Strategic Communications Training – April 2024 

At GFP, we believe that effective and impactful communication is essential for building trust. Therfore, as part of Thiqa journey, we conducted a five-day specialised training on digital strategic communications with the participation of ten key media and communication team members from the municipalities of Al-Karak and Al-Salt. designed based on the content analysis results, the training was marked by enthusiasm and hands-on learning, aiming to capitalise on the participants’ experiences and enhance their proficiency in various aspects of media strategy design, crisis communication, social media tactics, photography, and video production. 

The Writing Lab – April 2024  

Generations for Peace Institute (GFPI) hosted a Writing Lab Day, bringing together 20 dynamic youth participants alongside officials from Al Karak and Al Salt municipalities. Working in groups, the Writing Lab provided a space for participants to start formulating the first draft of the youth-led action plan. The event represented a culmination of the hard work the youth demonstrated during GFPI-led online training sessions. 

Local Youth Dialogue Sessions – May 2024  

Thiqa youth participants facilitated two separate dialogue sessions with 200 young men and women from their communities in both Al-Karak and Al-Salt, in the presence of municipal officials, experts, and relevant stakeholders. Participants exchanged ideas, opinions, and recommendations regarding the priorities identified in the draft action plan, to ensure the development of a comprehensive plan that meets the expectations of local youth.

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Broader Community Consultations – July 2024  


Action Plan Announcement – September 2024  


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