On this special 4th edition of Amman Peace Talks, the GFP family sheds light on their experiences with various GFP programmes in Jordan and beyond. Sharing our reflections on grassroots peacebuilding, we highlight GFP’s impact and commitment to fostering sustainable peace and creating a better world for generations to come.


GFP President, Dr Mohanned Arabiat, reflects on GFP’s 16 years of peacebuilding and the achievements, challenges, and outlook for the years to come, highlighting our of youth and institutional partnerships essential to achieving continuity and innovation in global grassroots peacebuilding.

GFP CEO, Mark Clark, reflects on our achievements and highlights in 2022 and addresses new priorities for the years to come, discussing the expansion of GFP programming to focus on the global issue of climate change and the importance of engaging youth through GFP’s newest tool: Media For Peace.

GFP Programmes Officer and peacebuilder, Shahd Almhameed, highlights her outlook on the first-of-its-kind Sawn Programme for Youth Climate Action and how the Programme has expanded her understanding of the personal impact one can make on mitigating the effects of climate change.

GFP Senior Programmes Officer and peacebuilder, Ahmad Al Kharouf, reflects on his experience throughout the Riadati Programme and leading various Sport For Peace programmes at GFP, reflecting on the powerful impact of sport in bringing communities together in Jordan and beyond.

GFP Senior Programmes Officer and peacebuilder, Walaa Al Smaadi, discusses her experience with the “Improving Protection Spaces and Practices (IPSP) for Syrians and Jordanians in Host Communities ” Programme in Jordan. She highlights the Programme’s personal impact and positive outcome, creating a space for unity between Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth.

GFP Communications Officer and peacebuilder, Meera Shamma, highlights GFP’s newest tool for engaging youth in global peacebuilding: Media For Peace. She discusses the importance of providing youth and media professionals with the tools for handling media critically, directly engaging young people in the creation of digital media content, and the successful implementation of the tool in GFP’s Media For Peace and Youth Media Programmes.


GFP Social Media Officer and peacebuilder, Rakan Anki, reflects on his experience with the Youth Media Programme, Jeel 01, and the positive impact the Programme has had on himself and the young participants who took part in it, giving youth a platform for expressing themselves and their opinions on topics important to them.

GFP Senior Programmes Officer and peacebuilder, Aya Al Badarneh, reflects on her experience with the Youth INTERACTS Programme in the USA, noting that working with diverse youth in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, taught her that perception is key to building active and sustainable peace.

Thank you to the Housing Bank and OSMTH for their support of this 2022 edition of Amman Peace Talks.