About Us

Generations For Peace is a leading global non-profit peacebuilding organisation founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein in 2007.

Dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots, Generations For Peace empowers volunteer leaders of youth to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship in communities experiencing different forms of conflict and violence.

Carefully facilitated sport-based games, art, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment activities provide an entry point to engage children, youth, and adults, and a vehicle for integrated education and sustained behavioural change.



Sustainable peace in actively tolerant communities through responsible citizenship.


To empower youth to lead and cascade sustainable change in communities experiencing conflict, through world-class free education in conflict transformation and the use of sport, art, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment for peacebuilding.


Youth Leadership: We believe youth have a vital role to play in leading social change and transforming conflict in their communities.

Community Empowerment: We believe in working at the grassroots, supporting youth to build on local strengths to help communities transform themselves into tolerant peaceful societies.

Active Tolerance: We believe peace is a process driven by active understanding, dialogue, and positive engagement with others, founded on trust and respect.

Responsible Citizenship: We believe social change begins with personal responsibility and is sustained when people are actively engaged in creating the shared future of their community.










In the last fifteen years, we have trained and mentored more than 19,540 volunteer leaders of youth in 52 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

With our support, their ongoing programmes address local issues of conflict and violence and have touched the lives of more than 1,417,308 children, youth and adults.

Generations For Peace change-makers address issues of cultural and structural violence in their own communities, where contexts include inter-tribal, inter-ethnic, inter-religious violence; gender inequality; exclusion of minorities (IDPs, refugees, people with a disability); post-conflict trauma response; and reconciliation and reintegration. Additionally, our approach integrates conflict sensitivity and the full participation and empowerment of girls and women (in implementation of UNSCR1325).

Our programme monitoring and evaluations show evidence of increased volunteerism, youth engagement, responsible citizenship, and empowerment of girls and women, as well as greater self-sufficiency and capacity, increased social capital networks, reductions in violence, breaking of stereotypes, and greater tolerance, trust, and understanding.

Generations For Peace has strong partnerships with key peacebuilding and international development institutions, including UN agencies, governmental donors, NGOs, the Olympic Movement, and commercial partners committed to corporate social responsibility.

Generations For Peace is ranked #26 in the “Top 200 SGOs in the World” for 2021 by NGO Advisor (making us the third-highest-ranked peacebuilding NGO in the world, and the top-ranked NGO in the Arab World). The ranking is based on an assessment of innovation, impact, and sustainability.

In addition, Generations For Peace is the only peace-through-sport organisation officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee.