The Amman Peace Talks featured 10 peacebuilders and leaders from nine different countries across the world to speak about their personal experiences of facing diverse forms of conflict and violence, and of implementing peacebuilding programmes at the personal, community, and institutional levels.


Generations For Peace President Dr Mohanned Arabiat and Generations For Peace CEO Mark Clark shared opening remarks, introducing the idea behind the inaugural event and highlight the theme, “Peacebuilding: up close and personal.



Generations For Peace volunteer and peacebuilder Naa Adei Boateng from Ghana shared her perspectives on peace and the importance of peacebuilding.



Young peacebuilder and Founder of Peacemaker 360 Christian Cito Cirhigiri from Democratic Republic of Congo shared what led him to become a peacebuilder and discussed the role of storytelling in advancing peacebuilding efforts.



Generations For Peace volunteer and young peacebuilder Remah Habashneh from Jordan discussed the importance of volunteering and shared what led her to volunteer in her local community.



Young peacebuilder and PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland Sessional Coach Nicole Breslin from Northern Ireland described the power of sport and the importance of authenticity.




Young peacebuilder and UNHCR Photographer Yousef Al Hariri described the power of photography and how it can be used to make a change in his community.



Champion for the rights and dignity of women survivors of conflict and Generations For Peace Fellow Victoria from Uganda shared her inspiring story of why she joined peacebuilding efforts.



Youth volunteer and blind, Jordanian runner Hasan Tayem described the importance of volunteering and how he is using his volunteer work to raise awareness of the problems facing visually impaired people in Jordan and encourage greater participation by people with disabilities in society.



Director of the Gary Comer Youth Center and prominent leader in the positive youth development field Ayoka Samuels shared how her name and background has shaped her.



Head of Corporate Responsibility & Social Impact at MBC Group Mariam Farag from Egypt joined the event via video and described the importance of positive narratives in the media.



MBC Hope Youth Changemaker Yacoub Shaheen from Palestine described how he followed his passions and dreams and won Arab Idol 2017.