Generations For Peace hosted Amman Peace Talks 2021 under the theme “Restoring Balance: human security, wellbeing and sustainability”.

In the context of COVID-19, this third edition was, one again, hosted online, but still provided a unique platform to lift the voices and stories of young, resilient, creative, and innovative peacebuilders from around the world.

The Amman Peace Talks 2021 highlight eight inspiring, optimistic young peacebuilders and peace advocates from six different countries across the world, to share their experiences about their creative initiatives and contributions to their societies, who also talk about their role of promoting peacebuilding and aspirations they are trying to fulfill. The young peacebuilders also address the challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic with positive messages to spread hope.

Our Generations For Peace CEO, Mark Clark, highlighted the theme of this year’s Amman Peace Talks on Restoring Balance: human security, wellbeing, and sustainability. He also spoke about the idea behind GFP hosting Amman Peace Talks each year, the challenges of the pandemic on a societal level and the idea of bouncing back and recovering better.

Our Generations For Peace President, Dr. Mohanned Arabiat, focused on the idea of resolving the issue of humanitarian exclusion, human dignity, and sustainable justice. He also shed light on GFP’s commitments during this challenging time.

Generations For Peace volunteer from Iraq, Baghdad, Jasem Ali shared his experiences in leading efforts and initiatives to promote peace among young members of his society that lacks security and has gone through a series of violent conflict and crises.

Nigerian Generations For Peace volunteer Jamilu Gwarzala Dan Mutum, living in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria, described the security, economic and societal challenges his country is facing. He also shedlight on his youth advocacy movements to prevent violence.

Jordanian diver, Noor , described her passion for protecting the natural environment, and discussed the issue of waste disposal in the Red Sea and its impact on sea marine life. She also empowers young females to pursue diving as a career.



International peace advocate, Dr. Uzma Rashid from Pakistan, highlighted the importance of flexibility within educational institutions especially within the context of COVID-19.

Jordanian media and journalism student Majd Qatanani described his efforts to highlight the environmental issues we face and talk about his sustainable environmental initiative.

An American international peace advocate, Zahra Chowdry is an active member of her community in activism and organising, She talks about her intersectional identity as a Muslim living in the US and deals with challenges she faces with empathy.

A Tunisian PhD researcher in Cultural Sciences, Marwen Chaieb from Tunisia highlighted his youth rehabilitation initiatives and how he promotes a mentality of self-reliance to achieve economic and social cohesion despite the challenges Tunisia is facing.

Tuqa Al Aboud is a Jordanian volunteer and youth activist with many civil society organizations. Tuqa talks about how has volunteerism helped her discover herself and many aspects of her personality. She also breaks societal and parental stereotypical images about work opportunities.



Thank you to UN Women Jordan, the Housing Bank, and OSMTH for their support of this 2021 edition of Amman Peace Talks.