28 June 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace has announced the appointment of Dr. Carol Daniel-Kasbari to Chief Programmes Officer, a brand-new position within the organisation. Carol took up the role remotely from Virginia, USA on 1st June 2021 and is relocating to Amman, Jordan, this week to join the organisation’s headquarters from 1st July 2021.

Dr. Daniel-Kasbari brings over 20 years’ experience to the organisation, challenging injustices and violence through peacebuilding, dialogue, and advocacy work with communities from all faiths, political opinions, and identities, across the world. She has led and directed numerous peace and conflict programmes, providing programmatic and technical oversight of complex and dynamic portfolios in high tension conflict areas, including Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, and Bosnia. She also has experience working on programmes with USAID, US State Department, US embassies in Iraq and Cyprus, the EU, IREX, German GIZ, and UNESCO. Dr. Daniel-Kasbari has experience building a team and a non-profit international organisation, such as Search for Common Ground and Catholic Relief Services, where she directed multimillion-dollar programmes for conflict sensitive reporting, Peace Journalism, and advocacy in the region.

As a social scientist with an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in conflict analysis and resolution, Dr. Daniel-Kasbari connects research and practice to help individuals, ethnic groups, marginalised communities, and organisations to resolve issues in a collaborative and constructive way. Her award-winning PhD thesis at George Mason University in Virginia, USA captured the effects of “everyday resistance on relations of power” and the practices and tactics developed by ordinary citizens which demonstrate their resilience living under oppression in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Commenting on Carol’s appointment, Mark Clark, CEO of Generations For Peace, said, “I’m thrilled to welcome Carol to our team and to weave her journey into GFP’s journey. Framing her role as a new position with the title “Chief Programmes Officer” really reinforces a combination of strategic moves we have been making. We have restructured our Programmes Department from geographic programme focus into thematic cluster teams: Protection; Gender & Sexual & Gender-Based Violence; Inclusion of People With Disabilities; Prevention of Violent Extremism; Social Cohesion & Identity Conflicts; Positive Youth Development and Civic Engagement; and Education. The evolution of the Programmes Department is also aligned with the ongoing evolution of our Institutional Learning Department, which drives our monitoring, evaluation, reflection, and learning; competencies development, quality assurance, and accountability; and our Generations For Peace Institute, which drives our research and development, thought leadership, and policy advocacy. Together, these strategic moves are contributing to driving our focus upwards to be thinking, innovating, implementing, and reimagining our programming and our mission at a higher, more strategic level and with greater technical sophistication.”

In response, Dr. Daniel-Kasbari, Chief Programmes Officer at Generations For Peace commented, “After eight years in the United States, I’m thrilled to be returning to the Middle East and applying my expertise and academic studies to empowering youth and the next generation of leaders, peacemakers, reporters, and responsible citizens by joining a reputable organisation that works with communities of all faiths, political ideologies, and identities across many countries. My work has always been on using my knowledge and experience to assist people, ethnic groups, marginalised communities, and organisations in finding collaborative and constructive solutions to problems. As a social scientist and an international professional practitioner, I believe that connecting theory and practice is critical for long-term impact and structural change. My great conviction in the potential of evidence-based research to impact successful programming was one of the factors that attracted me to Generations For Peace. They also piqued my interest because of their focus on grassroots communities all around the world, not only in the Middle East. In my view, their dedication to inclusivity and participatory methods are essential to resolving disputes in any society.