Aisha Bint Faisal

Research and Outreach Coordinator

Aisha joined Generations For Peace in July 2020 as a Research, Education, and Outreach Coordinator. In this role, she leads on the coordination of research-, education-, and outreach-related activities conducted by the Generations For Peace Institute and supports with planning and delivery trainings and workshops for various purposes and audiences. She is also responsible for the maintenance and cultivation of partnerships with academic and research institutions, centres and organisations, researchers, and scholarship recipients.

 Aisha graduated with honours from the University of Westminster after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology. She went on to earn her Master of Laws (LLM) in Religion, Law, and Society from the University of Westminster as well.

Aisha was drawn to GFP because of her belief in the importance of engaging youth and resolving conflict at the root in order to change an entire generation. Before joining GFP, Aisha spent over four years working in prisons in the United Kingdom as part of a University-Prisoner partnership. Her experiences and acquired knowledge allowed her to publish two papers on prisons before she completed her Master’s degree.

Aisha is an identical twin and enjoys nature, especially the ocean. Outside of work, Aisha likes to spend her time staying active, playing sports, and going to the gym.