Programme: “IDEAS”  

Generations For Peace began implementing its first ever programme in Syria in 2022 promoting Interfaith Dialogue for Empowering and Advancing Society (IDEAS) across various Syrian religious and ethnic identities. The programme intends to pilot implementation addressing the unique local context in different communities in the country by trainning 120 individuals, female and male, on focus law and transitional justice; gender; advocacy; resilience; conflict transformation and peacebuilding. 

After 10 years of conflict, people’s grievances remain unresolved and Syrian men and women face increased pressure in their daily lives and political structures related to conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The programme engages people from multiple Syrian regions; some are areas of majority Sunni Arab Muslims, while in contrast, other locations have unique historical ties to the Greek Orthodox Christian community. It also engages communities with varied ethnic identities, like Kurdish and Turkmen identities, particularly from places where the recent conflict and intervention by other local and regional military forces has caused increased tension between Kurdish and Arab residents.