Programmes: Sport For Peace For Youth, Empowerment For Peace, Advocacy For Peace, Dialogue For Peace

Since December 2008, Generations For Peace has implemented programmes in Nigeria, addressing inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflict, and gender inequality in communities in and around Kaduna. By working with a range of ages, from children and youth to adults, GFP impacts communities through innovative and carefully-designed programmes in Sport, Empowerment, and now Advocacy and Dialogue.

GFP’s programmes in Kaduna work with women, men, children, and youth to build peace, erasing lines of division drawn by political, ethnic, and religious conflict that have impacted the country for decades. Violent riots rooted largely in religious conflict between local Christians and Muslims in reaction to the passing of laws and election of candidates have left many injured or dead across the country, particularly in Kaduna, where violent conflict is more common due to the dynamics brought about by the city’s religious diversity within the Muslim-majority northern regions of Nigeria. GFP programmes bring social cohesion, understanding, and tolerance to these communities and the people within them, helping them transform conflict and build peace to prevent widespread violence in the future.