Our cultural diversity is a stimulator of creativity. Investing in this creativity can transform societies. It is our responsibility to develop education and intercultural skills in young people to sustain the diversity of our world and to learn to live together in the diversity of our languages, cultures and religions, to bring about change.” – Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

May 21st marked the internationally recognised day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development – an annual event that celebrates our differences and encourages us to strive to “live together better” (UN). At Generations For Peace we do our utmost to promote diversity and inclusion. But how is this evidenced in our every day structure you ask?

At its core, Generations For Peace aims to empower and support our dedicated volunteer leaders of youth as they tackle issues of conflict and violence in their own local communities, touching the lives of over 216,000 children, youth and adults. The programmes they implement address issues related to, but not limited to, the following: inter-tribal, inter-ethnic and inter-religious violence, gender inequality and the exclusion of minority groups.

If you are an avid follower of this blog you will already be aware that GFP HQ staff hail from various corners of the globe including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. As such, we recognise and understand the importance of embracing our differences and of acquiring a deeper understanding of the true meaning of active tolerance and responsible citizenship – values intrinsic to our organisation. Whilst we realise this is no easy feat, we believe that together we can create environments conducive to open dialogue and development.

So in the spirit of this day we shared aspects of our own cultures with the GFP community!

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