2 March 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace in partnership with the US Embassy in Amman has launched its first-ever “Media For Peace” Program. The program aims to promote peacebuilding values that are integral to good media practice and encourage positive counter narratives that encourage inclusive dialogue, support peacebuilding efforts, and foster social inclusion and cohesion.

With the generous support of the US Embassy in Amman, Generations For Peace will train over 50 media representatives, including journalists, reporters, editors, producers, news anchors, photojournalists, and media and journalism students. The selected participants were chosen to reflect the diversity of Jordan’s media and journalism fields and represent an array of media agencies and universities from across the country.

The training aims to increase media representatives’ understanding of peacebuilding and their competencies in presenting the news and other complex issues. It also seeks to increase media literacy as a strategy that can be utilised to change the way people are affected by violent content and news.

McKenzie Louw, Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy Amman, commented, “The United States of America and Jordan share mutual goals of supporting local civil society and engaging diverse stakeholders to promote media literacy and combat hate speech, misinformation, and violent extremism, ensuring sustainable peace not only in Jordan, but across the world. We are proud to partner with Generations For Peace to promote bilateral cooperation and build mutual understanding.”

Dr Mohanned Arabiat, President of Generations For Peace, commented, “The media plays a crucial role in raising awareness and helping shape community culture. The media has the ability to promote positive values of peace, such as active tolerance, social cohesion, and countering hate speech, through the content it shares with the general audience. We are honoured to work alongside with the US Embassy Amman to utilise the power of the media to further our peacebuilding efforts.”