During his welcome speech, HRH Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein, urged the Delegates to view the Amman Camp 2013 as one of many steps they will take with Generations For Peace. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr, he said: “take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

It was with pride and honour that Generations For Peace watched as the Delegates collected their certificates on the night. Over the nine days, each showcased their abilities, drive and an unrivalled passion to succeed.

So, as they move forward with their programmes and future plans, we ask them to remember that their journey is one we will share with them. The Gala dinner may have marked the end of the Amman Camp 2013, but it also signaled the beginning of great things for our change-makers!


HRH Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein, congratulating Sayyid Alnaas from Libya


Our Lebanese Delegate, Chanel Fayad, collecting her certificate


Best social media contributors! From left to right: Malik Chaoui, Shadar Sokni and Mohamed Esmat. Each of the participants were awarded with a Samsung tablet! They were joined on stage by His Royal Highness.